Microsoft Collaborates With Intel On Digital Signage

Microsoft and Intel Corporation will join forces to develop a state of the art digital signage technology which will be based on Intel’s 2010 Core i7 processor and Windows Embedded Standard 2011 operating system.

A prototype of this innovative piece of technology was displayed by Intel at the National Retail Federation Convention currently happening in New York, USA.

The prototype named "Intel Intelligent Digital Signage" is a 7-foot 6 inch digital signage which will have a multi-touch and multi-user interface and will gesture-based web browsing, remote deployment and management, conditional power management.

Interestingly, one of the most intriguing features of the Intel Intelligent Digital Signage concept is that when a consumer will approach the display, an integrated camera will determine data such as gender and age, audience composition and time-of-day.

The data thus collected will enable the signage system to display content accordingly. The system will also be capable of sending automatic consumer information to advertisers, enabling them to display ads according to customer type.

This digital-sign technology is expected to offer rich and connected user experience and it won’t be long before the technology becomes a common presence at malls, hospitals, cinemas, airports and banks and other such public places.

Our Comments

Spooky! Reminds us of minority report, especially as the embedded camera will be be able to customise the content according to your appearance. Talk of stereotyping! Still, we reckon that Microsoft will bring the experience it gathered from building surface, in the mix.

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