Microsoft To Introduce Windows, Office Rentals Scheme

In a attempt to increase its revenue streams from the Windows and Office software, Microsoft has added a rental option to copies of Windows operating system and Microsoft Office suite, that will allow those who wish to rent out Windows PC and Office, to do so.

They will be able to do so by paying an extra one time fee, making the rentals legitimate.

Microsoft said in its partner website that ‘Rental Rights are a simple way for organizations to get a waiver of these licensing restrictions through a one-time license transaction valid for the term of the underlying software license or life of the PC.’

According to ZDNet, in order to promote the new licensing scheme, Microsoft has rolled out special prices that will be valid till the end of June 2010.

The rental version of Microsoft Office Professional is available for $58 instead of the customary price of $83 via volume discount. Similarly, Windows is available for $23 instead of the $32 price tag for volume purchase.

Surprisingly, according to the previous licensing agreements, renting, leasing or third party outsourcing of software was prohibited by the software giant.

This included copies of Windows and Office running on PCs in internet cafes, hotel and airport kiosks and business centers. The Redmond based company added the rental option for Windows and Office from January 1st 2010 onwards.

Our Comments

Some might say that this is a sign of Microsoft feeling the heat from the competition and we're not sure whether the scheme will bring in any significant revenues to the software giant, but then, every little helps especially during a hard hitting recession like this one.

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