Microsoft leaves businesses stranded

Microsoft's Volume Licensing system is broken, leaving potentially thousands of business customers unable to use their software.

Reports indicate that a revamp of the website, which was intended to make the process of downloading and licensing MS products simpler, has resulted in high-paying business customers being unable to log into the site.

"We certainly know the inconvenience this has caused and we apologise to partners and customers," said red-faced Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos.

Microsoft is not saying how many businesses have been affected, stating that the vast majority are able to use the site without problem, but with millions of companies world-wide tied into the Microsoft monopoly, the issue could be affecting thousands.

Being unable to log into the system means that customers are unable to download software they have paid for, or manage software licences and security keys.

Customers who are unable to access the service online are being asked to contact their local customer support line, and we all know what a nightmare that can be.