Missing website fuels Apple tablet rumours

The Apple press has become so desperate for any hint that the fabled Apple iTablet might actually exists that even the slightest coincidental occurrence will have the entire industry twitching in overexcited anticipation.

Yesterday's sure-fire indication that the iSlate would be in the shops in a matter of hours came when some French bloke who works behind the counter in the Paris equivalent of the Carphone Warehouse (Le Warehouse du Phone Voiture by the standards of translation applied to yesterday's feverish rumourfest) was asked about the possibility of a forthcoming Apple iSlab with a built-in web cam.

Interviewer: There have been a lot of rumours about an Apple Tablet with a webcam.
French bloke: Oui.

There you have it! Incontrovertible proof that the Apple iTile is winging its way from China as we speak. Better go queue up outside the Apple store now.

People are so desperate for the rumours to be true that they are seeing clues in every storm cloud and every tea cup and every shoddy crystal ball.

The rumour du jour on this particular snowy morning, however, does seem to carry a tiny sliver of credence. It seems that Fingerworks, the company which specialises in multi touch and gestural software and hardware - a company which was acquired by Apple some five years ago - has finally shut down its own website.

It seems a bit too coincidental that they chose a couple of weeks before the rumoured launch of what will probably turn out to be the biggest apple product push since the iPhone in which to finally shut down their own web presence.

Much beard scratching will ensue, and the Apple-friendly press will get its panties in a terrible wad over this one. And for once we think there might just be something in it.