Symantec Report Sheds Fascinating Light On Data Center Market Psyche

Symantec, the largest security software maker in the world, has released its annual State of the Data Center study for 2010 which reveals that mid-size companies were adopting cutting edge technology much faster than large and small sized companies.

The companies, which have between 6000 and 10000 employees did so to cut costs and deal with the increasing complexity. The cutting edge technologies include cloud computing, replication, de-duplication along with storage virtualisation and continuous data protection.

The study, which is in its third year, went through a huge methodological change to include a wider range of companies which have data centers in its study perimeters. Earlier, the Symantec study used to survey a limited set of companies that had large data centers.

Commenting on the findings, Matthew Lodge senior director of the information management group at Symantec mentioned “Last year the study was only with companies with over 10,000 employees. This also gave us an opportunity to see differences, and the differences turned out to be significant.”

The State of the Data Center study also revealed that, surprisingly, virtualisation was not high-up in the top Initiatives for 2010 list for many companies as 83 percent believed that security was absolutely important.

In addition, 79 percent of enterprises went for backup and recovery systems and 76 percent companies cited continuous data protection as their top priority for 2010.

Our Comments

2010 will be an important year for those selling data center related gear because of the number of mergers and acquisitions currently going on in the market, the rapid shift from client-based to cloud computing and the receding recession that is offering new possibilities.

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