Twitter Looking To Expand Its Commercial Department

Microblogging phenomenon Twitter appears all geared up to reproduce the success it had in the year 2009, as the company has posted a number of job vacancies calling on a new technical workforce to work upon a slew of advanced monetisation projects.

The company has posted as many as 27 job postings on its website, inviting applications for a wide range of job profiles, primary roles of which would include boosting up the users’ understanding of the value of brand Twitter.

Of these, four job postings are explicitly related to producing new monetising streams involving a marketing product manager for monetisation, along with three for the systems and software engineering profiles.

In addition, several other business generating roles also have the revenue generating responsibilities linked to them.

Discussing the various responsibilities that would come under the aegis of the marketing profile, the company said, “The work can range from better packaging existing features for businesses, to managing all outbound marketing for new monetization products, to analysing customer needs for improved product development”.

Until recently, the micro-blogging service hasn’t had a lucrative business model, as it was spending more than it was generating to garner a massive user base of around 40 million users worldwide.

Our Comments

But, following the massive financial investment of $100 million last year, the website will have to come up with a profitable business model that would help turn its popularity into palpable gains or else investors might start to become nervous.

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