Consortium Aims To Reduce Tech Power Consumption by 1000-fold

Bell Labs, the famous research and development arm of global telecommunication company Alcatel-Lucent, is leading a consortium of 15 other organisations, called the Green Touch which will focus on creating technology that aim to achieve a 1000-fold reduction in energy consumption.

Apart from Bell Labs, the Green Touch entity includes several other telecom giants such as AT&T, China Mobile, Telefonica, Portugal Telecom and Swisscom. It also includes several other vendors like Freescale Semiconductor and Samsung’s central R&D organisation.

Green Touch will be also be utilising brain power from several academic and government research labs such as Stanford and MIT university from the US, INRIA from France and Australia’s University of Melbourne.

Gee Rittenhouse, Bell Labs research chief, said that “Normally, the research done today is about taking today's network and refining it ... instead of erasing the board, starting from an open mind, and building up from there.”

The invitation to join Green Touch was sent out to companies in mid-November 2009 after Bell Labs scientists found that minimum energy required by network systems is 1000 times smaller than what is actually used by them.

However, it is important to note that companies like Nokia, Cisco, Ericsson, Juniper and Siemens have chosen to stay out of this path-breaking research consortium for now.

Our Comments

Green Touch might fail simply because it did not catch the wave earlier than this and did not manage to convince other manufacturers to join in the consortium. Interestingly, the network companies themselves appear to be reticent to the idea of cutting back on power usage.

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