Google To Introduce Online Storage Capabilities For Docs Users

Google has announced that it will soon allow its users to store any type of file in Google Docs, via cloud storage technology in an attempt to garner market share in the emerging cloud storage sector.

In a blogpost on the official Google Docs blog, Vijay Bangaru, the product manager for Google Docs wrote “We're happy to announce that over the next few weeks we will be rolling out the ability to upload, store and organize any type of file in Google Docs.”

This new Google Docs functionality will allow Google Docs users to access their uploaded document from any computer provided that they have an internet connection.

Bangaru reported on the blog that instead of mailing their ‘important’ files to themselves, Gmail and Google Docs users can upload any type of file, up to 250 MB on Google Docs, which will also offer 1GB of free cloud storage space.

The users will also have an option to increase their storage space for $0.25 per GB per year based on their requirements by purchasing storage is lots of 20GB.

Google Docs will also allow users to seamlessly ‘share folders’ with other Google Docs users and will even allow them to store large video, music and photo files.

Our Comments

Could this be the legendary GDrive? Could well be. We would like to see an application from Google that allows you to save to the cloud from your computer hard disks. Others already do it and it would be a great and simple way to back up your file.

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