Iranian Cyber Army Targets Baidu In Online Attack

After last month's attacks on Twitter, the popular micro-blogging giant, it seems that the hacker group calling itself the ‘Iranian Cyber Army’ has struck again but this time its target was China’s most popular search engine,

People visiting the web page of Baidu search engine on Tuesday morning were being re-directed to a page which contained an image of the Iranian National Flag along with a politically inspired graffiti and a message claiming that the site had been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army.

The attack resulted in the search engine being down for almost four hours, the Chinese media reported and came a few hours before Google's surprising blog post about a wave of online attacks coming from China.

Baidu, which incidentally is ahead of Google in the Chinese search engine market, said in a statement that Baidu's domain name registration in the United States was tampered with, leading to it being inaccessible.

However, industry security experts are still not sure as to how the attack originated and some experts like Graham Cluley from the security firm Sophos, believe that "It's possible someone changed the lookup, whenever surfers entered into their browsers they were instead taken to a website that wasn't under the search engine's control."

Our Comments

The attack on the Chinese search engine has resulted in a cyber war as Chinese hackers retaliated by hacking some Iranian sites and posting messages like ‘We are China's hacker! Let the world hear the voice of China! The state is higher than the dignity of all!’.

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