McAfee To Give Trial Version Of Security Suite To Facebook Users

Facebook, the largest social networking site in the world, has announced that it will provide McAfee’s Internet Security Suite to its members in order to protect them from computer virus and other online security threats.

The free version of MaAfee Internet Security suite has already been made available for Facebook members in the US, UK, France and eight other companies as of now and Facebook users in most other countries are likely to get access to the security software within the next three months.

Facebook representatives said that the internet suite will be provided to all 350 million members of the online social network on a trial period of 6 months. After that, the members will have to pay a nominal price for continued subscription.

Facebook also added that once the trial period expires, the revenue generated from the paid subscription will go directly to McAfee Inc., which will also get to advertise on Facebook, according to the partnership deal.

McAfee, the world’s number 2 security software maker, and Facebook have also developed an online scanning tool which will scan and clean the computers of those Facebook users who show signs of being affected with a virus.

The companies announced that this tool will be separate from the Internet Security Suite and will be available free of cost.

Our Comments

Will Facebook get anything from the deal? Possibly a bit more peace of mind. We're not sure whether there's any affiliate deals in place, something that could bring a six-figure sum to Facebook. Anything that promotes security and keeps the baddies at bay is good for us all.

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