Netflix Coming To Nintendo Wii In the US

US Movie Rental Behemoth Netflix launch its popular streaming service on the Nintendo Wii in a few months time and will become the third and last major gaming console on the other side of the Atlantic to benefit from Netflix's services.

Netflix, which is currently making life for competitor Blockbuster slightly more difficult, has a catalogue of 17,000 instantly watchable movies and TV shows which are all accessible for a subscription fee of $9 per month, that's around £66 for one year.

Interested parties will need to have a fast internet connection to make the most of the service. They will also be required to put a free application disc in the console prior to accessing the Netflix service.

However, Wii users won't need to pay an additional fee like Xbox users who have to be Live "Gold" members, a membership which costs $50 for one year.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said in a statement that “From day one, we always had other capabilities within the console. [It] is a continuation of an effort to bring more and more entertainment to consumers who interact with the Wii."

Our Comments

More than 26 million Nintendo Wii consoles have been sold in the US overall and Netflix is bound to increase its user base of more than 11 million subscribers in 2010 with the deal. Netflix is not available in the UK and there are apparently no current plans to launch it here - which is a shame really.

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