Spotty gamers are gagging for virtual sex

Virtual sex has come top of a poll of technologies gamers had hoped would be available by 2010.

Personal jet packs came in second, followed by time travel, laser pistols and Artificial Intelligence computers.

Game company Capcom released the results of mini-survey of around 1,000 gamers ahead of the launch of its futuristic epic, Dark Void, in which the central character uses a jet pack to fly around a 3D world.

Film rights to the game were snapped up by Brad Pitt months before release.

"Gamers have clearly got sex on the brain, judging by the results of our poll," said Leo Tan, spokesman for Capcom Europe. Shurely not.

The next instalment of Dark void will therefore have you plunging into... [I can see where you're going with this, best stop now, I think. Ed.]