Windows Mobile 7 Delayed Till 2011

European tech blog Brightside of the News (BSN) has reported that the Windows Mobile 7, the much warranted Windows Mobile OS by Microsoft, will probably be rolled out in 2011 during the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

The blog, written by Theo Valich, a former employee of The Inquirer, said that his sources in Microsoft, HTC, Lenovo, Qaulcomm, Nokia and nVidia have confirmed that the Windows Mobile 7 OS will see a further delay in its release.

Interestingly, according to BSN, the Windows OS for smartphones will be launched in 2011 due to the fact the Google Nexus One smartphone, based on the Android 2.1 OS has been successful in stealing the spotlight from Microsoft’s mobile OS offering for now.

Windows Mobile 7, which was earlier scheduled for a 2008 launch, was re-scheduled for a 2010 roll-out, with Microsoft claiming that the OS was still undergoing through some major functionality changes.

But now, this further delay by Microsoft will not only ‘alienate’ users but also those manufacturers who were planning to launch dedicated Windows Mobile 7 devices such as smartphones and smartbooks.

Several industry experts believe that Microsoft is losing its share in the smartphone market to competitors like RIM and Apple due the numerous delays in the rollout of Windows Mobile 7.

Our Comments

However, they are also of the opinion that once (eventually) launched, the OS will enable Microsoft to regain the lost market share, just like Windows 7 did in the desktop OS market. This, we seriously doubt as there is no real reason why Windows Mobile 7 should be delayed by so long.

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