Guardian iPhone App Downloaded 70,000 Times

The Guardian Media Group has announced that its iPhone app, which was rolled out on 14 December 2009, has been downloaded almost 70,000 times in just one month of it being launched.

Emily Bell, the Director of Digital Content at Guardian News & Media said that “We are thrilled with our download figures for the first month of the app. The feedback we have received from users has been excellent, yet also informative in terms of features and functionality that can be improved in the future.”

The phenomenal download figures for the Guardian app, which is available for £2.39 from the iTunes app store, prove that iPhone users are willing to pay for news content on their smartphone.

Interestingly, many news organisations like the Financial Times, the Telegraph and the Independent, offer their news apps for free which means that Guardian did take a bet by doing otherwise.

The Guardian news app was initially launched in the UK, Ireland and US before being made available in a slew of European countries where a significant English-speaking audience might be present.

The app, which was designed by an in-house team, was built by 2ergo and it features news stories, photo galleries and audio from The Guardian app for iPhone and iPod Touch can be personalised to fit the tastes of the user.

Our Comments

The app is no longer one of the biggest grossing iPhone apps on the App store. Furthermore, the revenues generated by the application, around £160,000, are only a fraction of what the group generates every year. Ditto for the audience; 70,000 is a mere fraction of a percent of the site's online audience.

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