Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe Push Handful Of Patches

Microsoft Corp., the Redmond-based software giant, has released a single security patch in its Patch Tuesday security bulletin, which deals with a high-risk vulnerability that is affecting Windows 2000 operating systems.

Coincidentally, Adobe and Oracle, two of the most prominent players in the business software market, also chose Tuesday to release security updates for their respective products.

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday security bulletin MS 10-101 deals with a vulnerability in Open Type font engine and has been labeled ‘critical’ for Windows 2000 users whereas all other versions of Windows have received ‘low severity’ warning for this flaw.

The flaw apparently is labeled as critical for Windows 2000 owing to its specific memory management structure which makes it more vulnerable than other versions of the Windows OS.

On the other hand, the much warranted quarterly security patch released by Adobe Systems, deals with a zero-day vulnerability in its Adobe Reader software which has been actively exploited ‘in-the-wild’ for a while.

In addition to the security patch, Adobe has also advised users to ‘blacklist’ the JavaScript function which is being exploited.

Oracle Corporation has also rolled-out its very own ‘Critical Patch Update’ that contains 24 security updates for vulnerabilities affecting seven of Oracles enterprise software products.

Our Comments

Adobe is a tad late with this Acrobat Reader flaw. Vulnerabilities, hack and flaws have been in the limelight lately as Google has accused Chinese operatives of trying to hack Google infrastructures as well as around 20 other companies, some of which might have been using Acrobat software.

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