Microsoft Teases Google Over New Storage Service

Google Inc has announced its very own cloud-based online storage service which will allow Google Docs users to upload any type of file of up to 250 MB while they will have access to a total storage capacity of 1GB.

However, the 1GB storage capacity offered by Google’s cloud service is somewhat dwarfed by that of Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service which offers an initial storage space of 25 GB, free of cost.

Microsoft didn’t miss the opportunity to ‘poke fun’ at the puny online storage capacity offered by the search engine giant and said in a statement that “Just a friendly reminder that Windows Live has been offering its more than 450 million customers 25GB of cloud-based storage space for free through Windows Live SkyDrive since 2008.”

This statement echoes the amazement of several industry experts, who are disappointed by the initial storage capacity of 1GB being offered by Google, which launched the online storage service in order to compete with Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

However, Google has conveniently given its users the option of increasing their online storage capacity by paying $0.25 per GB per year, or $3.50 per GB per year for premium users depending on their storage requirements.

Our Comments

What Microsoft forgot to say is that Google has introduced a new online storage pricing since November 2009 for Gmail and Picasa users which not only cost 25c per year but also scales all the way to 16TB, yes, 16,000 (or so) GB which is possibly more than an individual will ever be able to upload in a lifetime.

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