Nintendo DSi XL Gaming Console Comes To UK In March

The extra large version of the Nintendo DS, otherwise known as the DSi XL, will be launched on the 5th of March in the UK - and possibly in Europe but no details about the pricing have yet been revealed.

The fourth version of the very popular portable gaming console from Nintendo has two 4.2-inch screens that are nearly twice as big as those on the previous DS Lite and significantly more clearer according to reviews.

According to the Official Nintendo Magazine, it will also be bundled with four different applications including a web browser. The DSi XL is likely to cement the lead that the DS family has over its Japanese archrival the PSP even if, according to observers, it will be sold for around £150.

By comparison, the Nintendo DS Lite Red costs £97.79 at Dixons while the newer DSi from John Lewis will cost around £140 (and includes two year warranty).

Since its launch nearly five years ago, the DS has sold more than 100 million units worldwide making it one of the most popular entertainment products ever along side the Motorola Razr, the Sony PS2 and the Apple iPod family.

According to entertainment industry monitors, GfK-ChartTrack, the DSi managed to grab 40 percent of the UK DS hardware market in 2009 even if it was launched only in April 2009.

Our Comments

The Nintendo DSi XL could well be the last model in the DS family before the Japanese giant moves to something else. We'd suspect that it may well launch a mobile phone or at the very least add voice capabilities to its portable console if it wished to do so.

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