Obama Administration Backs Google's Decision To Challenge China

The US government has indicated that Google has the support of the Obama administration behind its decision to challenge the People’s Republic of China regarding its internet content censorship guidelines.

Google Inc., the California-based search engine giant, had reported on its official company blog on Tuesday that in December, the company had suffered from a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on its corporate structure.

Google said that the attack, which was originated from China, had resulted in theft of intellectual property from Google.

The primary goal of the attack, according to Google, was to access the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists as it was found that two Gmail accounts had been accessed by third party users.

These attacks led Google to threaten to pull the plug on its Chinese operation unless the Chinese government slackens its internet policy.

The US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had asked Beijing for an ‘explanation’ of Google’s allegation and added that "We have been briefed by Google on these allegations, which raise very serious concerns and questions."

Robert Gibbs, the Press Secretary for President Obama, said that the US president was in favor of internet freedom and that Google had coordinated with the White House before taking any action.

Our Comments

Google has big balls and did not fear taking on the mighty Chinese in what could be one very defining battle between the East and the West. Having said that, Google is a company while China is a country. Expect more of these confrontations to happen as quasi-countries like Google (whose market capitalisation is equivalent to the GDP of Malaysia).

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(Times Online)