Vodafone : 50,000 iPhones Sold On First Day

Vodafone has started to sell the iPhone after O2, Orange and Tesco and has already managed to get pre-orders of 50,000 handsets which is significantly more than the rumoured 20,000 Nexus One Google sold in its first week, globally.

The CEO of Vodafone confirmed in a statement that the mobile network operator would be delivering "over 50,000 iPhones to customers on its first day of selling the device", far more also than the 30,000 iPhones Orange sold last November.

All Vodafone monthly iPhone tariffs last either 18 or 24 months and come with unlimited texts with a starting cost of £35 per month for the iPhone 3G. Those looking for the beefier 16GB 3GS version will need to fork out £45 per month.

Interestingly, Vodafone is also promoting the iPhone as a business phone as well, one which could well rival with RIM's Blackberry range, also available on Vodafone. Small, medium and large businesses are all being targeted.

Customers might be slightly put off by the fact that they will get only 1GB of mobile internet and webmail but they can always use the unlimited WiFi package provided by operator. (ed : why not view our article that shows all the UK iPhone tariffs on one page)

We also managed to dig a "hidden" Vodafone iPhone tariff (well, that was not one really), one which uses an unlocked iPhone (from O2) combined with one of Vodafone's very competitive SIM-only plans, one with a total cost of ownership of £35 per month but with 900 minutes instead.

Our Comments

Vodafone is not selling the iPhone on a PAYG basis - at least not for now - and unlike the other mobile phone networks that are selling the Apple phone, it is squarely aiming at businesses, those with deeper pockets that might be attracted to the iPhone's versatility.

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