Brains Behind Darkmarket Cybercrime Supermarket Face Long Jail Terms

An ex-London pizza delivery boy has been sentenced for a prison term of up to 10 years, after he was admitted to help promote the ill-famed DarkMarket website that provided cyber criminals worldwide with a trading haven, it has been emerged.

Darkmarket was closed back in October 2008 and was revealed as being part of a sting undercover operation carried out over two years by the FBI to catch as many criminals as possible.

Sri Lanka-born Renukanth Subramaniam, from North London, has been pleaded guilty for masterminding the DarkMarket forum, also known as “eBay for criminals”, to help cyber fraudsters to trade stolen credit cards and other financial details, such as PIN numbers, answers to account security queries, and login credentials to social networking sites.

In addition, the forum even offers fraudsters a safe and secure payment system, as well as advertising space to market the tools employed to clone bank and credit cards.

Along with this, the website further offers online tutorials for helping the users with techniques in account takeovers, money laundering, and credit card deceptions.

Subramaniam, 33, has been the most active member of the website from its very first day of operation in 2005, and has played a key role in developing the site to become a one-stop shop for the criminals to trade stolen financial information over the web.

The forum operated for three years was tailored specifically for criminals, and had as many as 2,500 members at its peak, and provided numbers and other details of up to 10 credit cards for just around £30.

Our Comments

The entrepreneurship skills of Mr Subramaniam are impressive and it is likely that others will be copying Darkmarket's infrastructure in a bid to benefit from online criminality. Unfortunately, it is still very easy to set up such a website and credit card marketplace are still common place.

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