Facebook Fugitive Caught, Goes Back To Jail

Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch, the 28 year old escapee from the Hollesley Bay Prison, had attracted a following of 40,000 people after he began taunting the police authorities from his Facebook account, challenging them to catch him.

Lynch was serving a seven-year jail sentence for aggravated robbery at the Suffolk prison before he escaped and attracted the attention of authorities toward himself by creating a Facebook account under the nom de plume of Maximus Justice.

He also posted photographs of himself and made rude comments about the police authorities on a daily basis. Lynch was able to draw a frenzied fan following with many of his fans creating T-shirts and writing songs in his tribute.

But after only 4 months of enjoying the spotlight, the convict was arrested on Wednesday morning by the Metropolitan Police from an unspecified address in Kent and was taken to the Bexleyheath Magistrates Court where he was charged with escaping from lawful custody.

The court has also denied his bail and arranged for him to appear before the Crown Court on January 20. Police officials were working closely with Facebook in order to find out from where he was posting messages and updating his status on the social networking site.

Our Comments

The bad guy is likely to stay behind bars for slightly longer than what he was supposed to. Well done to the police force which captured him; after all, he's no Robin Hood, having been involved in a robbery. If people have to support a convicted criminal, better back someone who deserves it like Gary McKinnon.

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