Geo To Deploy 100mbps Fiber Optic In Manchester

The North West Development Agency has announced plans to roll-out next generation synchronous 100Mbps fiber optic network that will initially serve 500 businesses and 1000 homes located in the area called the Manchester corridor.

The £1 million broadband project will be able to demonstrate how a technologically advanced infrastructure could dramatically boost the day-to-day lives of people and businesses operating in a particular area.

The fact that the fiber optic broadband connection will provide the same speed of 100 Mbps for both downloads and uploads is a surprising fact and is a massive improvement over ADSL technology that's commonly available.

Sources have also confirmed that Geo, the company which will develop the innovative network solution, is in talks with ten other local authorities to build similar networks for areas that are not being covered by Virgin Media or BT’s next generation broadband roll-out plans.

According to the Manchester Digital Development Agency, which will be overseeing the project, the main benefit of this network connection will be that the users will be able to use the services from multiple internet service providers.

Explaining the advantages of the new network, Chris Smedley, the CEO of Geo mentioned "It will allow home working, telemedicine, video calling and net-based services on TV. Creating a true open access network with next generation fiber broadband capable of changing the way people use the internet for business and social use.”

Our Comments

While the current government is planning to roll out 2mbps broadband across UK by 2012, other companies like Geo and H2O, are already pushing ahead with plans to get ultra fast internet to the United Kingdom without much fanfare or marketing.

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