H2O TO Roll Out 10gbps Broadband Solution For York City

Dark fiber is basically an unlit optical fiber network which consists of unused optical fibers that are available for use. When the optical fiber is connected with electronic optical access devices, the fiber becomes ‘lit’, allowing service providers to ‘distribute the network capacity to different parts of an area.

The fiber optic network will initially provide link to the City of York Council’s establishments along with 67 schools, 14 libraries, accommodation and council’s office and sports facilities.

The Council also indicated that the new revolutionary broadband network can be used to attract new businesses to York. H2O Networks, which has already started building the network, claimed that it will provide citizen’s of York the access to 10Gbps of speed by September’s end.

Commenting on the endless possibilities presented by the state-of-the-art network connection, Roy Grant, head of ICT at York Council, said that “Not only will we be able to link-up existing council buildings, including our new headquarters, but we may also be able to attract new businesses to York by offering them low-cost connectivity to the network.”

Our Comments

H2O Networks is a company that we've been following for the past few years or so ever since they introduced their novel way of installing fiber optic cables, through the sewers. We guess that they've used this solution again to roll out the current infrastructure in York. At least, it is not 2mbps broadband.

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