Microsoft : Our E-Mail Systems Haven't Been Compromised By China

Microsoft has claimed that its mail systems have not been "visited" by the cyber attackers who had successfully accessed Gmail accounts that apparently belonged to Chinese human rights activists.

The company in a statement mentioned that "We have no indication that any of our mail properties have been compromised", (ed : are they poking Google again?)

However, the company failed to confirm whether it was one of the 34 companies that were targeted by the cyber attack which had originated from China.

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, had reported on Tuesday that last year in December, the company’s corporate infrastructure had suffered from a cyber attack that had originated from China.

Google also reported that upon further investigation, it was revealed that 34 other companies and entities were targeted by the cyber attack and mentioned that it fears theft of its intellectual property.

Several web companies including Google are forced to comply with China’s internet censorship policies in order to operate in the world’s largest internet market.

But now, Google has become the first web company to challenge the censorship laws which ‘limit free speech on the web’ by threatening to withdraw its operations from China if the country doesn’t allow it to ‘operate an unfiltered search engine within the law.’

Our Comments

Microsoft step forward doesn't mean that its servers haven't been affected in the past by hackers. Furthermore Google's servers were not hacked per se (or so it seems) and instead, the accounts were accessed through social engineering, using either malware or specially crafted booby trapped emails.

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