Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.6 In The Pipeline?

Microsoft Corp.’s smartphone OS offering, Windows Mobile 6.5 has failed to arouse the interest of the millions of smartphone users who instead went for flashier competitors like the iPhone OS, Android and webOS platforms.

Perhaps as a result, Microsoft is planning to roll out a much warranted updated for its Windows Mobile OS platform next month, according to the taiwanese news outlet, Digitimes.

Citing its sources, Digitimes has reported that Microsoft plans to launch Windows Mobile 6.6 (codenamed Maldives) in February 2010 in order to ‘strengthen its competitiveness against iPhone- and Android-based platforms.’

Ever since the Windows Mobile 6.5 was launched in the fourth quarter of 2009, the operating system has been struggling against the ever-increasing popularity of iPhone OS and Android.

The reason for this, according to several industry experts, is that Microsoft’s offering lacks vital touch screen capabilities that are being offered by its competitors.

However, if this unconfirmed rumor is to be believed, then Windows Mobile OS is in for some serious overhauling as the Redmond based software giant may be planning to add support for capacitive touch screens.

This will enable smartphone manufacturers to add the popular touch screen technology to their smartphones which run on Windows Mobile platform.

Our Comments

Microsoft is seriously running behind. Windows Mobile 6.5 was supposed to be a minor stop gap evolution until Windows Mobile 7 but now, it seems that they won't be able to wait for the next major iteration in order to include some major improvements. The lack of support for Capacitive touchscreen will live many manufacturers livid.

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