Sun Microsystems Teams With Fujitsu Over SPARC Future

Sun Microsystems, in collaboration with its SPARC server partner, Fujitsu, has come up with a new SPARC server line which employs high speed memory units and a new processor to bolster up the performance speeds by a significant 23 percent over the previous versions.

The new server line up, dubbed as codenamed as “SPARC Enterprise M3000”, would incorporate a 2.75 MHz SPARC64 VII processor coupled with 667 MHz DDR2 memory to attain the top performance, the companies said.

The duo will aim the latest server range at the entry-level market, and pitch hopes that the customers would have the flexibility to use the socket 2U rack-mounted server in place of multiple small servers, and thereby would be instrumental in saving costs and energy.

Touting the M3000 server range, Noriyuki Toyoki, corporate VP at Fujitsu said: “SPARC Enterprise M3000 is the best-suited entry-level server for all round system use.”

“With the new SPARC64 VII processor, M3000 servers provide even more distinguished application performance, and will allow customers to grow their business performance significantly”.

However, the companies haven’t disclosed the pricing details of the M3000 server range that incorporates the 2.75 GHz SPARC64-II chip, but they have reportedly kept the prices of entry-level configuration of M3000 powered with 2.52 GHz roughly the same while enhancing the memory capacity.

Our Comments

SPARC will celebrate its 24-year in 2010 amidst the turmoil that the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle has created. SPARC has lost its appeal in the last few years due to the massive increase in performance from products coming from companies like Intel, IBM or AMD.

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