US Website Offers $100,000 Bounty For Apple Tablet Details

In the middle of all the rumours surrounding the upcoming launch of Apple’s tablet computer device, an online gossip blog, Valleywag, has announced cash prizes worth up to $100,000 for sending images and details of the mysterious device.

However, the Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt contest from Valleywag did end up receiving a flurry of images of the highly rumoured device, along with what could be seen as the most concrete evidence about the device’s existence.

Gawker Media, Valleywag’s parent company, has reportedly received a ‘cease-and-desist letter’ from Apple’s attorney Michael C. Splinner, from popular Silicon Valley law firm Orrick, in which he warned the company against soliciting images, videos, or other such details of “an unannounced and highly confidential Apple product”.

Citing the same, Splinner wrote in the missive: “While Apple values and appreciates vibrant public commentary about its products, we believe you and your company have crossed the line by offering a bounty for theft of Apple's trade secrets. Such an offer is illegal and Apple insists that you immediately discontinue the Scavenger Hunt”.

Gawker has taken the threat in other way around, by congratulating the law firm for providing the most concrete evidence on the fact that Apple is indeed working on such a device.

Our Comments

Gawker Media is obviously in search of a massive boost in pageviews and publicity. Gawker traffic has been stalling recently according to Alexa after undergoing a massive traffic jump in the beginning of 2009. We suspect that Gawker will just ignore Apple's C&D letters.

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