Verisign Confirms Implication Of Chinese Operatives In Google Attack

VeriSign’s iDefense Labs has reported that the complex cyber attack which had targeted Google and 30 other US companies was mounted by the Chinese Government "or its proxies".

The security company released a report which has claimed that "The source IPs and drop server of the attack correspond to a single foreign entity consisting either of agents of the Chinese state or proxies thereof.”

Coincidentally, the researchers at the company have determined that this recent cyber attack is suspiciously similar to the one that took place in June and targeted several US companies. Apparently, both attacks were managed by the same command and control servers.

The cyber attack, which took place in mid December last year, came to light on Tuesday, when Google reported on its blog that certain Gmail accounts, belonging to some Chinese human rights activists, were the target of the attack, which had originated from China.

The search engine giant had also reported that attack had targeted 30 other US companies although it is likely that non-US companies were also on the hit list.

Google incidentally has announced that if the Chinese Government does not allow the company to ‘operate an unfiltered search engine within the law’, then it could shut down Google’s China operations altogether.

Our Comments

All the fingers point to China it seems and this shouldn't come as a surprise. The communist country has already been recognised as one which doesn't hesitate to use the internet to hack into computer systems. Where will it end? We're not sure.

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