Google Slashing Nexus One Upgrade Costs By $100

It might be too early for Google to feel the heat but somehow, the search engine giant and T-Mobile have decided to cut the price of the Nexus One by $100 and refunding that amount to existing customers who upgraded early.

From now on, those looking for upgrade will be charged only $279 after a number of so-called early adopters complained about the relatively high price of the handset. $100 rebate cheques will be sent to those who ordered the phones.

According to, only T-Mobile customers who are either regular or individual customers and who have been with T-Mobile for at least 22 months will quality for the $299.

The phone costs $179 with a new two year contract and $529 unlocked. We've done an early preview of the UK with a Nexus One handset that we've purchased direct from Google US.

Google has yet to say how many phones have been sold over the past nine days or so since the Nexus One went on sale although some estimates put it at 20,000.

Vodafone - which has flogged more than 50,000 iPhone during the 24 hours following the launch of the smartphone - will sell the Nexus One in the UK in the first half of this year.

Our Comments

Google quietly introduced a $350 early termination fee for those buying a subsidised Nexus One, a premium that came over and above the $200 early termination fee that the phone network operator, T-Mobile, would charge early leavers.

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