Facebook Enlists Myspace For FB Connect, Denies Paid-for Rumours

Myspace, the social networking website that dominated the web before Facebook took over, has adopted Facebook's Connect data exchange system.

It looks though as if the implementation will be limited to Myspace Music for initially in a feature called Fan Video which allows users to "appear" in a music video, by using their profile photo, and distribute it virally by sharing it with friends on facebook.

Furthermore, there are reports that the service will not be available in globally, possibly due to distribution rights issues. Myspace has not said whether it will roll Facebook Connect across its website in 2010 but the Fan Video implementation shows that Myspace is serious about it.

Stan Schroeder of Mashable even suggests that Myspace might have conceded defeat in the battle of the social networks and could potentially consider Facebook as a strategic partner rather than a rival.

In related news, a spokesperson for the Telegraph has denied rumours that suggest that Facebook might start charging £14.99 per month to use the site, from July 2010.

With 350 million users worldwide, Facebook might face a significant decrease in the number of active users if these plans go ahead. It seems though that these rumours were spread via a hoax email.

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