£61 Solwise PLA-PIGGY6 HomeplugAV 3-port Ethernet Switch W/ 6-Way Surge Protected Multiplug

The Solwise PLA-PIGGY6 HomePlug Mains Power Strip with 3 Ethernet Ports operates on the HomePlug Powerline AV Specification standard, providing up to 200Mbps bandwidth over home AC wiring.

Since the home power lines are the most pervasive medium in households with multiple outlets in every room, the PIGGY6 HomePlug Power Strip allows multiple home gaming consoles, AV devices, desktops computers, and notebooks to be networked, to share Internet, printers, files, and play games without any additional wiring.

The six filtered power ports allow multiple devices to plug in for power and filter them so they do not affect the performance of the built in HomePlug AV 3-Port Ethernet Bridge.

For security, the HomePlug devices are equipped with 128-bit AES encryption. The private home power grid plus encryption makes HomePlug significantly more secure than competing technologies.

The Solwise PIGGY6 HomePlug Power Strip is the best solution for No-New-Wires entertainment center networking. With easy Plug and Play installation, there is no need for new wires.

These units are sold as singles, you will require at least two HomePlug AV devices to create your network. All versions of the AV products will talk to each other so long as they are on version 2 firmware or newer.

You can buy this device from Broadbandbuyer for as little as £61 from Broadbandbuyer.