Apple Confirms "Creative" Event On 27th Of January

Apple has reportedly confirmed that it will be holding an event on the 27th of January 2010 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, as we wrote earlier this year, starting from 10AM pacific time.

Engadget got hold of an Apple invite which says "Come see our latest creation" and includes the Apple logo spot in the middle of a myriad of paint splatters. We guess that the colours represent the colour variations of the Tablet PC - we've counted ten in all.

Steve Jobs is expected to make an appearance and launch the tablet PC otherwise known as iTablet or Mactablet or iSlate. Apple has apparently hold secret talks with a number of well known newspaper publishers to syndicate their content on the device.

The multi-touch 10-inch touchscreen computer will likely be like an oversized iPod Touch complete with WiFi, iPhone OS and a gargantuan storage memory. We'd be surprised however if it boosted telephony capabilities or a proper camera.

Engadget posits that the focus of the event is likely to be learning towards "art, music and movie making", a sure sign that the Tablet will be presented as a cool entertainment hub for the family.

Our Comments

Apple will launch that tablet, there's no denying it. What we need to know is whether or not it will provide sell the tablet as a subsidised cost. i.e. get something like a supersized iPod Touch but on an iPhone pricing scheme.

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