Apple Set To Launch 22-inch Touchscreen iMac In 2010?

Chinese based newspaper Commercial Times claims that Apple will be launching a 22-inch touchscreen all in one PC in 2010 that will become the third member of the iMac family, a move that would bring touch capabilities for the first time on Apple's desktop products.

The device will be produced by long time partner Quanta while the touchscreen panels themselves will be bought off from Sintek Photronic. The paper doesn't provide with details about pricing or a more precise availability date.

This new iMac model is likely to come with Intel's brand new Arrandale processors which fuse the processor and the graphics module plus there are rumours that Apple could introduce USB 3.0 for it.

Touchscreen capability is likely to add a significant premium to the price of the desktop especially as it will almost certainly be a capacitive one. The 3.7-inch touchscreen overlay for the Motorola Droid cost $17.50, which means that a 22-inch model should cost at least five time that price.

The cheapest iMac, a 21.5-inch model with a 1920x1080 pixels resolution, costs a whopping £969 including delivery. which means that a 22-inch model is likely to top £1100.

Some however, like Electronista, are questioning the accuracy of the rumour pointing to the fact that Apple has rarely added major features to an interim desktop model but then, there's a first time for everything.

Our Comments

Obviously, there are other manufacturers that have released touchscreen computers and that would include Asus and MSI. They have had mixed reviews and we are not convinced about the viability of such a product in the long run especially if you plan to use it for extended periods.

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