Bing Search Market Share Rises In The US

Microsoft’s efforts to promote the revamped version of Bing search engine seem to be finally paying off as according to the latest comScore report, Bing’s US search engine market share rose to 10.7 percent in December, up by 0.4 percent from since November.

Ever since its launch in June 2009, Bing search engine has steadily moved up the market share ladder thanks to the $100 million advertisement campaign launched by Microsoft in order to compete with the search engine Google, which seems unbeatable with a market share of 65.7 percent.

Interestingly, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had announced in the Consumer Electronic Show that all laptops and desktops sold by Hewlett-Packard in 42 countries will have Bing as their default search engine.

On the other hand, search engine giant Yahoo saw a decrease in its market share for the 3rd month running as comScore reported that Yahoo’s search engine market share fell to 17.3 percent in December from 17.5 percent in November.

Meanwhile,’s share fell to 3.7 percent from 3.8 percent and the market share of AOL too has dropped to 2.6 percent from its previous share of 2.8 percent.

Our Comments

Bing's rise is not surprising given the amount of money that Microsoft is spending on the service. Google seems to be unmovable from the top spot and therefore the rise of Bing can be entirely attributed to the fall in audience of other search engines instead.

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