Chinese hacks hacked in Google attack

Being a journalist in China is not an easy ride at the best of times, but now at least two news Beijing bureaux have reported that their members have had their Gmail accounts tampered with.

The Foreign Correspondent's Club of China said that some of its members' emails had been mysteriously set to forward to an unknown e-mail address.

This all comes at the same time as Gmail's owner, search engine king Google, is locked in battle with the Republic's government over suspicious activities on its servers. Google has done everything but actually accuse the government of hacking its data, and has threatened to pull out of China if the communist overlords don't buck their ideas up sharpish.

One Chinese government spokesman said in an official statement, "Meh."

The FCCC has posted a handy guide recommending that members check that there are no strange addresses under the forwarding tab of Gmail's settings. They also suggest that it might be a good idea to turn forwarding off all together.

The organisation also suggests another good idea is to always use a secure https connection, to change passwords regularly and to keep up with software updates and patches.

Good advice even if you're not a Chinese journalist.