Fifth Of Brits Believe Steve Jobs Is Championship Footballer

A recent research has exposed how uninformed the Brits are when it comes to knowing the eminent figures and jargons related to the IT industry, with some even believing that Steve Jobs is a footy player and dongle is a sex toy.

The survey, carried out by Lewis PR with intent “to gauge the nation's level of technology knowledge”, has brought to the fore some staggering facts about the IT awareness the UK people have.

Of 1,000 people surveyed, 20 percent didn’t know who the Apple’s iconic leader Steve Jobs was, while another 20 percent believed that he was second division football player, and 10 percent guessed he worked for some trade union.

That wasn’t just it, as the World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee also appeared to have some kind of image problem among Brits, as 15 percent of the respondents thought that he was either a MI5 chief, or an Arctic explorer.

Although Bill Gates was the most well-known IT figure in the UK, five percent of the respondents thought he was either a comedian, or a popular burglar of the 60s (ed: burglar? really?)

The situation was more or less same in case of technology buzzwords, with 10 percent of the respondents believed that dongle was a sex toy, and virtual hard disc, or VHD, was some kind of sexually transmitted disease.

Our Comments

The answers have more to do with the lack of general knowledge when it comes to information technology. This sector is possibly the one that generates the most acronyms and technical words. However, technology is pervasive and devices like PVR or gaming consoles have introduced scores of people to the joy of IT.

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