Jewish Website Compromised By Palestinian Hackers

The website of a Jewish newspaper, The Jewish Chronicle, was attacked by anti-Semitic hackers who managed to post an image of the Palestinian flag and anti-Jewish messages, suspending the website for almost 18 hours.

It was reported that the site was breached by hackers at around 4 pm in the afternoon yesterday and was taken offline, allowing the technicians to fix the problems.

The home page of the Jewish website was defaced by an image of the Palestinian flag and also contained a message that supported the "Palestinian Mujaheeds", the group that claimed responsibility for the attack.

The page also displayed quotations from the Qu'ran and anti-Semitic views in English and Turkish. Stephen Pollard, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, said in a statement that "Only those without the confidence to win an argument resort to such tactics.

And it was a pretty self-defeating attempt to silence us, but as a result we will get more readers than ever before."

Mr. Pollard also added that the site's technicians had zeroed in on a Turkish IP address and were attempting to learn more about that the location of the address from which the cyber attack was mounted.

Our Comments

The London-based Jewish website was not the only to be attacked by Palestinian Mujaheeds, as it was reported that the group had also infiltrated the defenses of an Israeli weather website, "" and had posted their name on parts of the website that usually contained weather satellite images.

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