Oxford University Kicks Out Spotify

The Oxford University has banned its students from using the popular online music streaming service, Spotify, as the Oxford University Computing Services (OCUS) believes that the huge amount of data that went into streaming music from the website was slowing down the network for those who wanted to use the internet for academic research.

This decision to block the website has not been taken kindly by the students of the prestigious institution, who perceive the ban to be an act of discrimination against music lovers.

Defending the decision, a university spokesperson mentioned "The University provides free internet access for students because it's an educational resource. If they want to use it recreationally as well that's no problem unless it uses so much bandwidth that it slows the network down. "

The ban initiated by one UK's oldest educational institutions includes computers in the University internet connection in halls of residence along with those that are in communal buildings like the library and study centers.

However, the ban does not affect students living in private houses or those who paid for their mobile internet connection. Spotify has managed to garner a huge user base in the UK ever since it was launched two year ago.

Our Comments

The service allows users to listen to music online for free or to pay a monthly fee for downloading songs. Is Oxford University actually making the right decision? Possibly yes, universities are facing a huge decrease in budget over the next few years that calls for rethink of where their resources are going.

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