Rumour : New York Times To Partner With Apple iSlate With Paid Content

A recent report has just added a few more details about a claimed partnership between The New York Times (NYT) and Apple for bringing news content on the Cupertino-based company's latest consumer oriented device, a tablet PC.

According to an article published in the New York Magazine and cited by CNet News, the NYT is planning to introduce a metered pay plan, under which the readers would have access to a certain number of free articles on the site before being asked for the subscription.

The magazine is also quoting a source close to the matter as saying that the newspaper is planning to strike a deal with Apple to provide content on its much-rumoured tablet computing device, the iSlate, which is expected to be unleashed on the 27th of January.

Commenting upon the reports suggesting the introduction of some subscription plans, Diane McNulty, a NYT spokesperson, said in a statement: “We'll announce a decision when we believe that we have crafted the best possible business approach. No details till then”.

However, this isn’t the first time the venerable newspaper has announced for the subscription plan, as it already had conducted a two-year experiment involving web-subscription model that was abandoned in 2007.

Our Comments

Owing to the fact that the print-media industry is having a hard time due to the surging popularity of online papers and news portals, this move from the NYT apparently makes more sense this time around. Now if only Apple put an affordable price tag on its tablet device.

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