Taiwan tech site predicts touch screen iMac

Even the merest sniff of a new product from Apple gets the Internet's digital knickers in a twist these days.

The Web has been awash with conjecture, rumours and downright fabricated twaddle from all quarters about the fabled Apple tablet computer for so long now that most tech hacks see its imminent arrival as a foregone and immutable conclusion.

Obviously bored with churning out the same old iSlate cobblers, all eyes are now set on the Chinese-language tech portal which swears blind that Apple will soon be releasing a 22-inch touch-screen iMac.

Commercial Times has, in the past, got some pretty impressive Apple scoops under its belt, but it has also dropped some clangers. It even once tried to convince the world that the Cupertino company would be creating a cut-price netbook with a prod-able display, despite the fact that messianic Apple supremo Steve Jobs has always maintained that Apple didn't know how to make cheap computers, and wouldn't bother trying.

The latest brouhaha revolves around tittle-tattle emanating from two Taiwanese companies: Sintek Phototronic and Quanta. The former is said to be producing 22-inch touch-screen panels for a new iMac, despite the fact that it hasn't made anything bigger than a 12-incher in the past. The latter has a long and fruitful relationship with Apple and could well be in the frame for nailing together the rest of the hardware, if it actually exists.

All of the waiting will no doubt be over come January 27th when Apple is set to introduce a major new product to the adoring Mac faithful, but until then we'll all just have to wait for St Steve's sermon.