Twitter Bomb Threat "Joke" Lands British Lad In Prison

A man was arrested by the South Yorkshire Police under the Terrorism Act on suspicion of conspiring to "create a bomb hoax", a week after he tweeted on his Twitter account that he will blow the Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport ‘sky high’ if his flight was delayed.

26-year old Paul Chambers was arrested at his house by police officials on January 13th and was interrogated for 7 hours before being being released on bail pending further investigations.

Mr. Chambers told the Independent that “My first thought upon hearing it was the police was that perhaps a member of my family had been in an accident. I would never have thought that any of this would have happened because of a Twitter post.”

Meanwhile, the police have deleted the tweet in question from the micro-blogging website and have also confiscated Mr. Chambers’s laptop, iPhone and desktop PC. In addition to that, he has also been banned from the Robin Hood Airport.

The Robin Hood Airport authorities have released an official statement which supports the police’s decision to arrest Paul Chambers and said that comments that threatened airport security will not be taken lightly.

Paul Chambers is the first person in Britain to be arrested for comments made on the micro-blogging website.

Our Comments

It sets a legal precedent and as some have mentioned, it might be a sign of a world going mad. Could it be that the Echelon project, the secretive surveillance solution set up by the US government, went berserk when it caught wind of the words airport and bomb?

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