Windows Mobile 7 locks out old apps

An obviously exasperated tweet from a well-known and highly respected mobile phone expert has got the cellphone blogosphere all of a dither.

Aldar Murtazin, the editor in chief of, a few hours ago told the world that he hated Windows Mobile 7 because it wouldn't run legacy apps from previous versions of the operating system.

”Hate Windows Mobile 7. No apps from previous versions of WM working here. Not compatible at all. Couldnt do anything. Grrrr" reads the microblog posting in full.

Once-faithful WM users are already turning to the likes of Android and Apple in their droves, no doubt frustrated by Microsoft's inability to update the OS on time.

Microsoft had better have something really spectacular to show off at next month's Mobile World Congress, taking place in Barcelona, otherwise ignominy and obscurity awaits.