2010 Will Be Year Of The Tablet PC Affirms Analyst Firm

Yet another report, published by Deloitte Canada, that confirms what many had noticed at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas nearly two weeks ago, that 2010 is bound to be the year of the tablet.

As a result of discussions with over 7,000 technology, media and telco gurus, Deloitte's Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice predicts that the number of tablets sold - or netTabs as it calls it - will run in the tens of millions.

Although the firm refrained from mentioning any brands, it is likely that Apple will, this time again get the lion share of this emerging market, pushing aside the existing e-book reader leader, Amazon with its Kindle family and stunting the e-book reader market altogether.

So much so that the analyst firm reckons that the the majority of the 100-million or so ebooks sold in 2010 will be read on NetTabs, computers and smartphones.

The market appears to be ready for such a product says Deloitte, citing the fact that it will be cheaper to produce, comes with a larger screen than a smartphone but weighing less than any netbooks.

More importantly, Deloitte says that it will succeed this time because the tablets will be built primarily for a consumer-focused market with primary uses being media consumption and web browsing.

Apple is expected by many to launch its first tablet at an event in San Francisco on the 27th of January 2010, a device that may look like an oversized iPod Touch complete with a 10-inch touchscreen capacitive screen.

Our Comments

We were expecting to see a number of tablets this year around but we've been disappointed. On the face of it, it should have been fairly easy to build a tablet or a range of tablets as they use the same components as a smartbook with the chassis and the screen being the only real difference.

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