2.5 billion Apple app downloads during 2009

Market researcher Gartner publishes its latest report, revealing an incredible two and a half billion bits of software were downloaded across ‘i’ phones and pods last year. The number downloaded since the App Store launched in July 2008 has been catapulted above the three billion milestone.

Opinions differ on the quantity that were actual sales, but with only 16 million apps downloaded across *all* rival platforms, Apple are dominating the market with a percentage cut in the very high nineties, however you cut the cake.

Gartner forecast app sales and revenue to grow and grow. Other pundits suggest the smartphone segment of mobile sales is expected to grow by 10% in 2010. But with the early majority more hesitant about paying for downloads and instead focused on their social contacts, more revenue share will be drawn from advertising. Unsurprisingly Apple has just acquired its own mobile ad firm, Quattro Wireless.

Dozens of new tablet devices premiered at the CES show last week (more on these in another post), and the secret to driving consumer demand for them will be finding something worthwhile to use them for, that isn’t just as easy on a smartphone or laptop. What the killer app will be, or even if it exists is still up in the air, but expect thousands of attempts to claim the prize.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com