Acer gets green light from Greenpeace

Two new Acer Aspire laptops have won the approval of environ mentalists garnering a coveted Greenpeace Green Star.

The Aspire 3811TZ and 3811TZG were applauded for being energy efficient, recyclable and virtually biodegradable thanks mainly to the absence of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and BFRs (brominated flame retardants), two materials which cause untold damage to the environment because they stick around leaching poisonous substances for thousands of years.

Part of the hippie-friendly Timeline range, the two new additions use 40 per cent less energy mainly, Acer says, because of the smart LED screen and power-sipping ULV processors from Intel.

Both products also got the top Energy Star rating of 5.0 and are expected to straddle the $1,000 price point when they eventually arrive at retail.

The Greenpeace league table of greener electronics companies is still topped by Apple which has virtually eliminated PVC and BFRs in its entire product range.