Asus preps 20-inch Ion 2 netbook

Taiwanese giant, Asustek has plans to launch a 20-inch Eeee PC, that combines Nvidia's Ion 2 platform with Intel's Atom D510 dual-core processor, according to Digitimes.

The Eee Top ET2010PNT will arrive "in the near future", according to Dodgy's multiple sauces.

The paper says Zotac has an Ion 2-based netbook up its sleeve. The MAG HD-ND01, will combine an Atom D410 or D510 processor with Nvidia's GeForce 210 graphics at a cost of about $250.

There's something bizarre about a multicore Atom chip if you ask us. Yet Intel has the cheek to call Nvidia's Ion 2 overkill.

Before buying a notebook, decide exacty what you want to do with it. And read this.