HarperCollins In Talks With Apple Over Tablet Project : Report

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported that HarperCollins is currently in talks with Apple Inc., in order to create e-books specially designed for the speculated Tablet PC by the iPod maker.

According to the report, HarperCollins will be setting the price of the e-books which will contain added features and that Apple will have a percentage cut in the sales.

Amazon also takes a significant cut of the retail price on the Kindle platform but Apple is expected to be far less than the 65 percent Amazon is currently looking for.

In December last year, Brian Murray, the CEO of HarperCollins had said that e-books that contain features such as videos, social networking applications and author interviews can easily enhance the retail prices for publishers than current e-Books.

However, WSJ has failed to find out whether Apple plans to sell HarperCollins e-books through a brand new e-book store or via iTunes store, which currently sells songs, videos and TV shows apart from the immensely popular iPhone application.

Several industry experts are of the opinion that if true, then this deal with HarperCollins will enable Apple to take on Amazon’s amazing Kindle by offering a web enabled e-reader with a huge collections of e-books offered by one of the most well known and established publisher in the literary world.

Our Comments

Interestingly, Wall Street Journal which is owned by News Corp, which also owns HarperCollins, has claimed that according to ‘people briefed by the company’, Apple plans to introduce a multimedia, web enabled tablet, which will be made available in March.

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