MP3 pioneer predicts streaming iTunes

Founder of Michael Robertson is predicting that Apple will soon offer a live music streaming service, based mainly on the company's acquisition of digital music start-up Lala.

Writing as a guest author on Tech Crunch, Robertson suggests that Apple could be planning a cloud-based version of iTunes which would allow users to access their own music and video content from anywhere in the world.

The digital music veteran also ponders rumours that Apple might be the first outfit to make a music subscription service really work, but concludes that the Cupertino company has far different plans.

"An upcoming major revision of iTunes will copy each user’s catalogue to the net making it available from any browser or net connected ipod/touch/tablet. The Lala upload technology will be bundled into a future iTunes upgrade which will automatically be installed for the 100+ million itunes users with a simple 'An upgrade is available' notification dialogue box," he confidently predicts.

"Apple will link the tens of millions of previously sold iPods, Touches, AppleTV and iTablets to mobile iTunes giving users seamless playback of their media from a wide range of Apple branded devices."

All of which means your iPhone or iPod Touch could soon become a virtually infinite repository of tunage, if Robertson knows what he's talking about, and we strongly suspect that he does.