Nokia OVI Press Event Coming On 21st January 2010

Nokia, the Finland based mobile phone manufacturer, has dished out a number of Nokia Ovi press conference invites to selected members of the press and some prominent bloggers in order to make a ‘big’ announcement regarding its Ovi app store.

Industry experts believe that the press conference, which will be taking place in London, will see the unveiling of the revamped Ovi app store, which was long reported to be under development by the mobile phone giant.

In December 2009, George Linardos, Nokia's Vice President of Product and Media had announced that “All the while there's been this new platform being built in the background, which we'll be talking about in the next couple of months and launching in the spring with what we're calling 2.0.”

According to the press invite, the special announcement will be made by Anssi Vanjoki, the Executive Vice President of Nokia and Nokia UK General Manager Mark Loughran, who would be available for interview after the press conference.

The event will take place on the 21st of January 2010 but Journalists have already been told that they won't be able to ask questions about Nokia's financial information ahead of the company's results which are due on the 28th of January.

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Nokia Ovi application store was first announced in May 2009 and it allows users to download mobile games, applications, videos, images, and ringing tones to their Nokia devices. Some of the applications and media content are free of charge while others can be purchased via credit card.

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