Unused calls cost mobile users a fortune

The average UK mobile phone user only uses around half of the calls they actually pay for, research suggests.

A bit of ferreting about for the latest Mobile Money Report from moneysupermarket.com reveals that the average adult wastes over £250 worth of mobile allowance each year.

Pay-monthly contract customers use only about 45 per cent of their mobile minutes and text allowance each month, wasting 1,644 minutes and 1,836 texts each year. Pay As You Go customers waste 192 minutes and 348 texts each year, according to the poll of 2,005 adults conducted by Opinium Research.

The study shows that contract customers waste a fortune in an attempt to save money by avoiding the higher cost as pay-as-you-go packages.

Compared to the 2007 Mobile Money Report, adults are now wasting up to 40 per cent more minutes and twice as many texts.